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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  February 9, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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>> coming now "media buzz." >> on the buzz beater, bill o'reilly fans thought it was about time someone pressed president about controversies and the super bowl did more than just the game. >> regardless of whether it is fair, bill, i like you, and it has made fox successful. >> if i am unfair i want to know. >> you have to figure out what are you going to do when i am gone? >> was he pushing conservative hot but the tops? was obama's anit-fox strategy effective? the media debate over heroin
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after the death of philip seymour hoffman. why is this news only when celebrities are involved? female journalists forced to cope with all kinds of nasty online abuse for the crime of speaking their mine. the conversation on that. and jay leno bids an emotional farewell to "the tonight show." >> this is the last show for real, and i don't need to get fired three times. i get the hint. i get the hint. >> why is nbc dumping the top guy in late night in favor of jimmy fallon? this is "media buzz." the coverage of president obama's appearance on fox has been about fox news. that is partly because any bill o'reilly interview of that magnitude will be controversial but because the president tried to make fox and o'reilly the issue when he asked about
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benghazi. >> your detractors believe you did not tell the world there was an attack because your campaign didn't want that out. that is what they believe. >> they believe it because folks like you are telling them that. >> i am not telling them that. >> it happened again on the i.r.s. scandal. >> these kind of things keep on surfacing in part because you and your tv station will promote them. >> joining us is author of the top twitter column on and former spokesman from the bush administration, and nationally syndicated radio show host and chairman of the california democratic party so, people say o'reilly kept interrupting and interrupting and interrupting. >> he did interrupt a little bit at least that is what the consensus is but he is getting a bum rap. he gave a fair interview. both were having a good time. both of them were answer asking
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not answering and answering and it worked. it worked. a lot of people say o'reilly was too easy on the president. a lot of people say he was too hard. slit right down party lines. >> speaking of partisan lines, the criticism on the left is the three topers in the live portion of the super bowl before the taped conversation, what did the president know and when did he know it about benghazi and i.r.s. are conservative obsessions of fox news. >> they have not been answered by the administration. what i think is more interesting issue is how the media, across the board here in washington, dc, jumped on bill o'reilly. it was defending the president and making fun, dana millbank made fun of someone interesting the president. and huffington post called it "combative." when is asking tough questions
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bad? this is new journalism. i find the crying from the 9 media about a tough interview is just too much. >> how many times have we seen interviews of the president where he gets to filibuster and say his answers to the questions and they are not answers. >> back to the coverage in a moment but the question of how did o'reilly do. yes, he interrupted but isn't the goal of a journalism to hold the president accountable. >> i am for tough interviews. i think russert gave a tough question and he is my gold star. but o'reilly was tough but i thought he was rude and obnoxious but he is rude andous. it didn't bother me that much. as a men of the white house press corps i have been this when the president filibusters and filibusters. you have to jump in. >> why was he rude? >> he jumped in too much and economy of the comments, the
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president was trying to answer. at one point the president said, look i'm trying to give an answer if you would listen and the president handles him well, too, but here is my problem with the interview: as a talk show host, he didn't make any news. i thought he wasted his time. i am a freshman member of the house on my show and i think, how can i make news. bill o'reilly didn't make news but he asked old and tired and stale questions. >> this is the problem: he did make news, but the washington press corps, mostly the white house press corps doesn't want to talk about this. what was the president doing by saying that there was a terror situation when he wasn't calling it a terrorist act? in was a problem there because they were trying to have it both ways. we both know, bill, this was weeks before the president's re-election when his campaign slogan al qaedaback was dead. this was a huge problem.
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>> we been over there so many times he didn't ask question about edward snowden or the n.s.a. or syria. not one question of keystone xl pipeline. he could have made news. >> a correction, there was a question about keystone xl pipeline in 9 second part of the interview this was taped 9 one of the things that president did he deflected questions by counter purging against o'reilly and against fox news from his point of view, from our point of view an effective tackic, was it? >> he said these surface because you and your t station will promote them because folks line you are telling them, this is what the president kept railing against and he was doing this for a long-term saying fox news is the problem, not the president and its policies are the problem. it plays to his base. if he is going to attack fox news, the left is going to say, yes, go president, go president. that really is what he is trying to do. >> fox can be very effective
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foil for president obama and at the same time did he go too far in suggesting that these almost weren't legitimate questions but they were something from way out in the fox universe? >> i joint had a problem with the president's answers if the white house press comps had consistently been trying to drill down on the questions. they haven't. they have given him a pass on the fact that this was during the campaign, they were absolutely trying to whitewash the fact on 9/11 we weren't prepared. >> who was president hen -- 9/11? >> you are talking about the second 9/11. the press corps has drilled down and drilled down. there is no "there" there. leave it up. that is the problem. i think o'reilly issue have moved on to today's news. >> circling back --. >> in the second part of the conversation not seen as many as
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the super bowl audience, but there were questions on the keystone xl pipeline and out-of-wedlock babies and poverty and big government but back to the media coverage i will play a little bit of the reaction particularly starting with the new host on msnbc. >> i do think what bill o'reilly was doing was sort of reheating all of the right-wing obsessions that the right has. he might have asked about the birth certificate while he was at it. >> god forbid this is another point of view. he is probably giving fox too much credit. >> so, they thought it was a terrible interview. >> yes, because it goes along partisan lines. the media coverage of this. i have to say if you look at president and the way he was interacting with bill o'reilly it was almost as if they were enjoying 9 intellectual exercise of duking it out and even prove
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said, you know, bill, this has been kind of fun and o'reilly i think your heart is in the right place. >> i think politicians do better when they are pressed, when they have play their "a" game or where he can filibuster forever. >> chris matthews. >> compare to this interview it was a left fest and the --ist was a love fest and the media have the responsibility to challenge authority. so what if we are asking a mill times about benghazi. there are still real questions no one has been fired or answered to. >> i didn't have a problem with the interview as a liberal, as a democrat, i thought o'reilly did a good job. he was obnoxious but he was pushing and that is what he has to do. >> you are hardly the first person to use that adjective. >> you said the media and the washington press corps, "new
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york times" ran a straight story on the interview but the a.p. had a head lean i could not believe, president obama defends himself from republican charges. >> that is the problem, it is just a republican issue that we didn't have coverage in benghazi, we had security problems, no one has been fired, all of these are considered republican problems. that is where most people get outraged. >> would your friends on the left clear if an aggressive anchor pressed president obama on iraq and katrina? it can look very different when it is a president you don't like on the other end. >> totally and i was very critical of 9 white house press corps at time for not raising those questions with president bush. i have heard this press corps push, push, push, push on carney and obama. >> i would love to see that. we had from bill o'reilly when
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he interviewed george w. but, he said doesn't it bother you that people hate you? bill o'reilly has been pushing presidents of both pair -- parties. >> this is a f buzz alert action former state department official has pleaded guilty to learning classified information about north korea to james rosen chief correspondent back in 2011. the man who was prosecute load he was dealing with a reporter cannot a foreign country agreed to a 13--month sentence. in this case the obama justice department was snooping on his e-mails and names him as a co-conspirator an outrage since he was doing his job as a journalism. when the sentencing takes place that case will be closed. >> you know the drill on twitter @howardkurtz.
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the media have been all over the story of the heroin that killed philip seymour hoffman. >> we don't really understand how this works. it is a disease and sickness but we hesitate to treat it like that because of the moral dimension seeing it as a personal failing the. >> there is a risk when you do the drugs. i have a problem of it being called an "illness."
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cancer aen illness. i think it is a problem. >> hoffman talked to "60 minutes" about the addiction in 2006. >> i like it all. >> why did you decide to stop? >> panicked. you get panicked. it was...i was 22 and i got panicked for my life. >> we spent 15 minutes talking about how tell it was that this great and talented actor died and then it is on to who is to blame. >> i am more with greg that the word "tragic" and "constituted," is used a tragedy is when a single mother dies of cancer or a family dies in a tragedy. this is sad but it wasn't unexpected and we could see this coming and i think what we have
2:17 pm
to be able to do is not glamorize it or have cameras at the funeral. it was like a red carpet event. it was terrible. >> he has three young kids and he obviously struggled with this, he was clean for 23 years but this is the debate, is there a lack of sympathy because it was self inflicted? >> i don't mean to quibble but i think it is a tragedy when a father of three young kids dies suddenly at age of friction. >> it wasn't sudden. >> yes, it was. it a was a tragedy when one of our greatest actors of our lifetime is gone and we will not enjoy his art but i think the issue, it is a tragedy that this man was a role model for so many that suffer with the addiction because he did go clean when he was 22 and he was gone 23 years and then fell back. it tells people it doesn't matter how go are doing, you
2:18 pm
could relapse, too. >> there was a fascinating piece saying about addiction he had a conversation with philip seymour hoffman who said, you know, when we die, that is going to save ten people of dying from addiction. i think it will save a lot more but by covering this tragedy or not tragedy we are bringing to light the issue of --. >> i have a problem with that. "new york times" a day or two after the death, philip seymour hoffman points to grim trade, with 67 percent increase in four years why does it take a celebrity's death --. >> this is celebrity culture, we are driven by the fact that our celebrities do something. that gets the most coverage. milely sires makes love more than president obama. >> journalists need to grow up. they do not need to chase miley
2:19 pm
or philip seymour hoffman's funeral. they need to report and go after the fact and do the factual work. >> i am not defending journalists but the american culture is celebrity-driven culture and people pay attention to this, rightly or wrongly, largely wrongly, i think. there is an interesting story in the "new york times" about the people would go to a.a. meetings, what are they talking about? philip seymour hoffman. that is a powerful lesson. they would not be getting that lesson without the media coverage. >> this happens not just with heroin or philip seymour hoffman but it happens when someone dies of a heart attack, and suddenly we talk about the rate of heart attacks or when angelina has a double mastectomy. >> it senators the message that we don't care about the other fameless and nameless addict whose die until someone famous
2:20 pm
--. >> i don't think so, it moons people will not pay that much attention about what we are writing in will there is a famous name. >> use it as a hook to get to the real issue not give me more recycled philip seymour hoffman funeral updates. >> that is a good point. bill press, thanks for stopping by. another note, woody allen with deny he sexually abused his girlfriend's adopted daughter two decades ago blaming the whole thing on his ex, mia, and she responded with a hollywood reporter piece said she will still talk out about the pain her father inflicted on her. all this heated up after a letter was printed online by a friend of mia and pharoah and
2:21 pm
the daughter would could be frank sinatra's son. the troubling thing, is the media are used to exacerbate an ugly and long running family fight. >> next, gretchen carlson and the on-line attack that target female commentators and jay leno signs off on "the tonight show." legs up! verizon has free tablets and ee phones. get here anyway you can. good job! free tablets. free phones. on the best network. only at verizon. get tablets like the verizon ellipsis 7 free. and when you trade in your old smartphone, you can get the samsung galaxy s4 free. or the droid maxx by motorola free. plus get a data plan with unlimited talk and text for as low as $45. this week only. getting free tablets and phones on the best network. that's powerful.
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zloo in my opinion in the public eye learns to deal with vitriol online. but it can be particularly ugly for women. as gretchen carlson learned when she tweeted about being in a car accident as a passenger. >> i got this from atheist park. did you hit a cefestivus pole?
2:25 pm
and then another, you did not hit the accident, the driver did, your dumb blom blond life flashed before you? >> it's great to be with you, howard. i made it here by airplane, by train, however on i made it. >> how nasty does it get for you on places like twitter? >> i anchor the real story and i like to keep it real. one of the ways in which we decided to keep it real was to ask people for their comments about the show, the good, bad and the ugly. i feel it's important to on occasion expose some of the ugliness because in social media, there's this thing about anonymity .there's no filter. and i feel like people say immediately what comes to their mind. >> things they would never say to your face. >> usually. but sometimes might. but i think it's important to expose it and also say their name because, you know, sometimes it hurts. but the reality of it is it has
2:26 pm
happened happens to people who are in the public eye. and i think it's important from time to time to expose it. >> i think that's true, but i can't help but notice, particularly when certain women retweet the stuff said about them that it is sexist, it is ma sosh insist, sexual and violent. how do you cope with that? >> i'm an automatic target. number one, i have blond hair. >> so you've got the blond jokes. >> and it's add nauseam, one after the other. also, i'm a former miss america. so automatically people assume dumb times two. and i work at fox. there are a lot of people out there who don't like fox. so there are easy targets there. fortunately, i do not face some of the other criticism that other on women face with regard to the sexism thing. i have not seen as much of that. but it seems to be a lot about
2:27 pm
appearance. i think women do face this more than i do. but a lot of the tweets and e-mails are about appearance. and what i would like to share is that i'll give one from ethel who will say how dare you wear that dress! how can you be a role model from your children and the next e-mail or tweet will be from bob, could you wear that dress every day? it's a differing of opinion and i have to take it with a grain of salt and you have to have a thick skin. >> can you wear that dress tomorrow? since you brought in being blond and former miss america, you one day came in and did a segment with no makeup. is it pressure on women to look a certain way and there's a wrap on fox, all these beautiful blonds and what were you trying to demonstrate by showing up in all your natural glory? >> well, that was the international day of the girl. so for me, there was a news peg for it. and i'm a huge believer in building your self-esteem from the inside out. that's the way i'm hoping to raise my children. so for me, it was keeping it
2:28 pm
real, again. if i'm going to honor women in building self-esteem from the inside out, then i'm going show what i look like from the inside out. that's why it was so important to me. >> before we reach this question about online abuse, i know we all try to have thick skins in this business. isn't it depressing? >> no. my dad gave me the best advice of my life. he said gretchen, no matter what, no matter how hard you try, you're never going to get everyone to like it. >> it goes back to when you were miss america? >> oh, yes. that was the eye opening experience. >> it's a great honor. >> it's almost like your entire resume went out the window and people said what they said. >> let's talk about your show, which was a few months old now. i wasn't surprised that you have women's panels, but you have men's panels. >> the manel. i have to get you on the show even as a media guest. i think sometimes it's great to get three men together.
2:29 pm
we have some of the most great conversations and different points of view. they're usually on fridays. we also have a face panel. but most of the times that includes someone who doesn't believe in faith. one of the things we're trying to do besides keeping it real is have a lot of gefrts. i believe interviewing is a skill that i love to put on display on a daily basis and we try to have at least ten guests to get a lot in. >> but you're trying to broaden the subject matter and not just bring on the usual suspects. we all know the parade of people who appear on news all day long. >> exactly. it's one way to keep it fresh in the afternoon. >> interesting. the man panel. what's the name for it again? >> the mannel. and we're starting a veteran's segment every week. this past week, we paid tribute to a wonderful marine severely injured in iraq and now is getting one of those smart homes. so on a weekly basis, we'll be focusing on giving tribute to our veterans. >> now, you are down here for screening of a movie that you were in called persecuted.
2:30 pm
is this your second career? how did it come about that you get to be a movie star? >> you know, i was asking to be in -- i have a very small part. it was so much more difficult to film the movie than it is to do live tv. >> why is that? >> they do all they takes. when we do live tv, we do it and we're done. if we flub the word we say oh, what's the difference? but this is behind the scenes there with the producer. >> but you have a very different tv role. you play a tv anchor. >> i'm diana lucas. and if you come late to the movie, you'll miss me. i also come back at the end and i'm part of the cliff hangar of the movie. but we're screening it for congress monday night. that's why i'm here. >> so it wasn't just like you could do one take and walk away. >> it was about 100 takes for this one main scene at the beginning. >> learning curve. >> i was like, whew, back to live tv. >> we're delighted you could be back down here joining us. talking about the online world and talking about your show.
2:31 pm
gretchen carlson, thank you. >> thank you. ahead, jay leno out, jimmy fallon in. and later, facebook celebrates its 10th birthday. celebrates its 10th birthday. does t [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protecon.
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president obama allowing some people who gave limited material support to terrorists into the united states. the white house says this eases rules for refugees refugees ande seeking asylum but republicans say this puts americans more at risk of attack and impedes the disaster reform immigration. >> the first significant storm in 14 months hitting northern california with heavy rains causing flooding, falling slides and rock slides with 3 feet of snow in lake tahoe. the precipitation does not mean it is the end end of the serious
2:35 pm
drought in the region. back to "media buzz." snowboardi. quite an exciting situation in sochi for the u.s. i'm jamie colby. jay leno choked up the other night as he bid farewell as the king of late night tv. >> first year of the show, i lost my mom. second year i lost my dad. then my brother died. and after that, i was pretty much out of family. and the folks here became my family. >> so why is nbc dropping jay in favor of jimmy fallon? joining us now, author of "jerk how i wasted my life watching
2:36 pm
television" and joe concha. adam, so tell me again why nbc is getting rid of the guy who's still number one? >> first of all, your question i believe is based on the illegal logical question that you would basically cancel your top show. that's something that's difficult to explain. the explanations really lie in, number one, industry issues. jimmy fallon gets a very high rating for his time period at 12:35 in the younger demographics, the younger viewers the network craves. they hope that he can come in and, in fact, even boost the number of younger viewers they were getting under leno who, in fact, was the top show for attracting younger viewers, anyway, at 11:35. >> is on that point, joe, jay is winning the demo. and it seems to me i know a lot of elite critics look down on leno, but it's still hard to understand why he's being shoved off the stage. >> the demo is 18 to 49-year-olds that advertisers care about the most. that's the whole argument for
2:37 pm
fallon is maybe he can bring in younger folks. but jay is winning the time slot, beating letterman quite easily who is older than him. he's beaten kimmel who is much younger, also in that demo, as well. howie, i've gone back on forth on this on whether this is the right decision or not. my conclusion comes in math and logic. there is only one other show on television that wins its time slot on a weekly basis and that is "60 minutes." to get rid of leno now, they feared losing fallon, but his ability to do songs and parodies and imitations is something letterman and kimmel can't do. i think the reason why they're going with fallon now is they're afraid when letterman's contract ends in 2015 that fallon could jump to cbs and they're left with who? seth myers. maybe that's the reason why there's a sense of urgency. >> we went through this before when everybody said conan was a hip, young comic. we don't want to lose him.
2:38 pm
fallon is seen as a hip, young comic. there was the conan debacle before this. >> that's right. in a way, the fallon situation could play out, at least in the early going, in the same way in the sense that i doubt very much that "the tonight show" will instantly maintain its number one ranking as soon as fallon takes over. i have a feeling that in total viewers, 4 million on average every night for leno, will decrease when fallon comes on. and so for the first time in, well, many, many years, nbc will be lagging in late night behind, perhaps, letterman or kimmel. so it's not a sure thing. there's a lot -- there's a big gamble on whether the 4 million -- what will happen with the 4 million people who watch leno? will some of them stick around for fallon? will the older ones go to letterman and the younger ones go to kimmel or will they give up on late night altogether? >> i think it's a mistake we see commonly made. let's hire someone younger and if we do that, younger audiences
2:39 pm
will do that. >> quickly, we're short on time. >> ncis is the most watched show on television. o'reiley factor, that hosts on 64, one more point. the daily show, jon stewart is now in his 50s. all these rate really well, despite the fact not having a younger guy involved. i don't think age necessarily brings you a younger audience, proven commodities in the case of jay leno is much more guaranteed. >> you snuck in your three. adam, let me play for you. leno on the "today show" and tell me how you think he really feels about being eased off for the final curtain. >> i mean, this time i was asked. the last time i was sort of told this is what's happening. if he wasn't here, would i still be here? probably another year or so. >> he's really ticked off, isn't he? >> i think he is. and, you know, it's hard to read him. he goes on "60 minutes" and acts, you know, his usual
2:40 pm
blahsey self and says, that's show biz so you have a stack of money available for when that happens. i think the emotional farewell he made was a very telling moment .probably the most revealing moment publicly i've ever seen jay leno really crying and really saying, you know, this is not only about being famous and being the host of "the tonight show" every night but this is about going to a workplace for 22 years and if anyone who has been forced out of a workplace in that way kind of understands. the people you work with every day, if you're lucky, are really like family. and i think that's -- i think he was -- that was not an act. he's not an actor and i don't think the emotion was an act on his part. >> for a guy who tells jokes for a living, it was really a moving moment. just before we go, joe, somebody did a study, more leno jokes over the years about democrats. the top target for jay leno was bill clinton, 4,706 jokes.
2:41 pm
>> i have a feeling if barack obama was able to finish out his term, he may have caught mr. clinton in that regard. >> george w. bush was second, by the way. but howie, i don't think this is his swan song, jay leno's. i know he has some coddy shows to do. fox tv is very interested because because they always wanted to get into that late night warp. 14.6 million people watched that finale. 4 million more than "breaking bad." 10 million more than "30 rock." >> thanks very much. >> thank you, howie. in our press picks, this was click bait. there was headlines across newspapers in the webb, bill clinton had a year-long affair with actress elizabeth hurley while he was president. there was a claim coming from actor tom seizemore. lots of websites ran the unsubstantiated charge.
2:42 pm
sizemore now denies the tale itself telling the handcuffington post these were the ravings of a dangerous addicted actor and it's ridiculous that anyone would take this seriously, precisely, but much of the media did. after the break, journalist necessary sochi are letting us know how bad conditions are for them at the russian olympics. ♪ [ male announcer ] to truck guys, the truck is everything. and when you put them in charge of making an unbeable truck, good things happen. this is the ram 1500. the 2014 motor trend truck of the year. ♪ and first ever back-to-back champion. guts. glory. ram. thcar loan didn't start here. it began way, way back. before he had children.
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spent $50 billion to safe the sochi olympics, but then did something to guarantee the games in bad press before the games even started. they ticked off the media. hotels didn't open on time and the rest, reporters are disgusted and sharing that with the rest of the world. sean walker tweeted, going got back to the hotel, lift broke.. trekked upstairs. door to my floor locked under farce. a lot of people are left out on the street. you risk being poisoned or trapped like the dogs. another tweet, miss you, hot water. another, my hotel has no water. if restored, the front desk says, do not use on your face because it contains something very dangerous. and there's more. nbc's richard engle says his electronic devices were immediately hacked and a russian official says there were security cameras monitoring the hotel bathrooms. that is seriously creepy. i know some of these complaints
2:47 pm
can sound whiney. but news organizations are spending a small fortune to cover the olympics and the challenge for nbc are to cover these and other issues at the olympics. along with a bizarre mention of soviet communism rather than offering the usual uplisting stories about athletes. half the break, mark zuckerberg sharing a tribute to facebook as it turns ten. but young at panera bread, we've crafted our power bowls to help you power your day. start with protein-packed egg whites and savory roasted turkey for breakfast. or power up your lunch with antibiotic-free chicken and our flavorful cilantro jalapeno hummus. power bowls from panera bread - power up today.
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time for our digital download. facebook is cell breying its 10th birthday and it just rolled out a new app that serves up
2:51 pm
news stories from major media organizations. >> facebook paper lets you pick the subjects you want to track. and that for the first time puts mark zuckerberg in the media kept business. but he doesn't say so. >> i really want to like this, but it's kind of clunky, you can only look at one story at a time and it's not all encompassing. you have tech, pop life, lol. >> isn't that your section? >> yeah, my favorite. the nice thing is that facebook has human beings decided what articles you might like rather than algorithm. >> and what's happening, i don't quite understand, because facebook has a billion users. and it's growing at a fast pace. this is meant to really get away from that stream where you constantly see, notice, who had what for breakfast, a picture of someone's kid, a news story. now you can just go to the news stories. but it is very limiting. that is the down side.
2:52 pm
the content subjects are limiting and you can't choose a specific area of kept within an area of kept. >> right. it's not as personalized as it's advertised to be. and we have the "new york times," "washington post," cnn, but some lean left. late, vanity fair, and all week i found one national review story. so a balance problem. >> and it's also really hard to get the gestures down right. >> i thought it was just me. >> no, i can't figure it out. i was like down and over and i can't -- although the colors are beautiful. you get to see a beautiful full face picture. and the other thing is i searched forever to get it on my ipad. you can't. you can only get it on your iphone and on your ipod touch. >> i like the fact that you can click through to the articles which helps the "new york times" and whoever, cnn and vachb nity fair, but it competes with mainstream media.
2:53 pm
>> and they're finding that people are stopping using facebook as much as they used to and they're just using this. because you can also get your posts and your feeds on it. this is really something by mark zuckerberg to burst into the next generation of facebook. sglnd a what about that? he was interviewed on the "today" show and he was asked the question about the coolness factor. let's take a look. >> we pay attention to every m demographic in every country. >> he pays attention to the demographic of every country? he could have said, yes, we're all for young kids and we really are trying to reach out to them. but if you talk to younger generations, they're off of it because their parents are on it. >> therefore it's not cool. they're all off on snap chat or something. not all off obviously, but the trend line is zuckerberg has something to worry about. >> i think he does. and he's using this as something that is sort of more he will
2:54 pm
qua elegant and more refined. so i don't know if that captures the younger audience. but i'd love to continue this discussion on twitter which you always can't get on facebook. >> of course. still to come, how television sniffed at the beatles when they first invaded america. i bought a car, over and tells you, and you're like. a good deal or not. looking at there's no buyer's remorse.
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here are a few of your top tweets. ttin jayno, another stupid move by nbc, a cost cutting move by nbc. >> sure, dump leno for another light night comedian. >> and on bill o'reilly, what it effective for the president to speak the truth to o'reilly's face?
2:58 pm
>> tom said, the president played in their hands and looked thin skinned. >> i think they had a great conversation. that wasn't the case. i don't think, at all. >> we are waiting for animation, but i will go to the next story. >> you have heard endlessly of the television moment when the beatles appeared on ed sullivan but how does they cover this? listen to this audio from huntly brinkley a couple of months earlier. >> hottest musical group today is the beatles, a quartet of young men with pudding bowl hair cuts. it is anyone's guest why they emerged from their stellar nightclubs to national prominence but emerge they did. >> not a collection of insects, and then they played what they sounded like with all the screaming girls.
2:59 pm
♪ one reason may be -- >> the rest othe rd i ill arin >> nbc was condescending. >> and not a lot of people, not everyone likes the beatles, a big percentage. >> there was a lot people who think this is too much about nothing. >> the baby boomer session here, i will admit. >> and paul and ringo play tonight and they are being reunited in that ed sullivan theater. >> i will be watching. that is it for "media buzz." well continue the conversation on twitter. give us a "like" on facebook
3:00 pm
where we post original videos and we are back here on sunday morning at 11:00 eastern and at 5:00 p.m. with the latest "buzz." more problems for obamacare as the nonpartisan group finds health care reform means two million fewer jobs. >> obamacare is part of the problem. there are weak spots in the economy in your report, low investment, high unemployment, and people leaving the workforce when one misinterpretation is out of the box early is impose around the world it takes the truth a long-term to catch up. >> we will discussion the latest controversial over obamacare with two key senators roy blunt of missouri and senator cardin. the threat of


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